HDMI & AV Cable Setting (TVpad logo comes up & then nothing)

TVpad is pre-configured to use HDMI out. If you need to switch to AV cable. You will need to do the following. (can’t use AV and HDMI at the same time)

– If TVpad logo comes up and then blanks out, you may have accidentally changed the video mode from the remote to AV mode. Power on TVpad, wait a few minutes for TVpad to fully boot up (usually 2-3 minutes), press F1 twice to switch back to HDMI (If you did this correctly, TVpad should automatically reboot after a minute or so). If this does not work for you try the following.

1. Power on TVpad
2. wait 2 – 3 minutes (5 min to be safe) for TVpad to boot up. Do not worry if the screen is blank.
3. Press F1 2 times pause 2 seconds
4. Press F2 2 times pause 2 seconds
5. Press F3 2 times pause 2 seconds
6. Press F4 2 times pause 2 seconds
7. wait for TVpad to reboot automatically.

– TV using AV cable : Can hear sound but screen is flashing or scrolling up or down really fast. (If this happens you need to change your AV mode PAL/NTSC settings. See instructions below)

If you are trying to use AV mode, follow instruction below:

If your TV system is PAL (AV default on TVpad is PAL), At the main screen, you can simply press F1 twice and wait 2 minutes for TVpad to respond and it should be ready for AV connection.
If your TV system is NTSC (USA for sure is NTSC). You can not use the F1 option to switch to AV mode. If you do, you will get sound but no video or scrolling picture.

In this case, you will need to connect the TVpad to a HDMI TV with the HDMI cable.
– go to Settings
– go to video settings
– change HDMI to AV
– change Pal to NTSC
– Select ok and exit.
– disconnect TVpad HDMI cable and connect AV cable. AV mode should now work.

Once this is set, you can now use the F1 function to switch between HDMI or AV.

**keep in mind, when using AV cable the highest video quality you will get is 480p. Always use HDMI if possible for higher video quality.