How to upgrade your TVPad 2 M233 V3.70 to 3.80

Good news for everyone who are looking forward to upgrading their 3.60 boxes to 3.80. Here is the guide of how to upgrade your TVPad 2 M233 V3.70 to 3.80. Follow those steps, it’s so easy .

1) Download here


2) Unzip “creatent_usb_update_M233_4300.gv” file to the root of your USB Flash Drive

3) On your TVPad2, make sure you have the latest Toolbox software v1.21. If you don’t, go to TVPad Store to download and install v1.21

4) Plugin your USB Flash Drive to TVPad2, open toolbox app and choose “backup/revert”  so you can get a clone of your current system that will backup all your settings and apps. This is important because after upgrading to 3.8 it will erase all your apps!!

5) After the backup, go back to dashboard and go to “system setting” and choose “system upgrade” with your USB Flash Drive still plugin

6) It will take 5-10 mins to upgrade to firmware 3.8. Make sure you don’t power off during the upgrade, otherwise you can’t turn back on your TVPad and you have to return it to the manufacture!!!

7) After the installation, you should see a blank dashboard, which is correct. Then you double check your firmware version by going to “system setting” and choose “system note” It should be “GVOS 3.80″

8) Now go to App manager and install “ToolBox” again. After installation, open toolbox and go to “backup/revert” to reset your system back to the previous backup you saved on your USB Flash Drive.

9) That’s it and enjoy =) Read my previous video post about what is new in firmware 3.80

Please, DO NOT install 3.80 on TVPad M121S with v3.26. It will break your TVPad M121S and you won’t be able to reinstall it easily. 3.80 is only good for upgrading TVPad 2 M233 model with v 3.70

The new interface of  TVpad2:

ui 1


tvpad upgrade v3.8

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